About Us


In 2007, Gretna Carey came together with Pennie and Dennis Winkler to facilitate change in family legacies, one heart at a time.  This passion was born in them because they all knew what it felt like to move through life dominated by pain and anger, smothered by shame and guilt, and allowing resentment and fear to dictate their choices.  Gretna Carey had already lost her father, a brother, and her only son.  She had wasted years in pain and anger.  Pennie Winkler had struggled through years of shame, resentment, and depression created by childhood abuse, a failed marriage, and a career as a fire department dispatcher.  Dennis Winkler had carried fear, guilt, anger, and resentment following his tour in Vietnam and his lifetime of service as a law enforcement officer.  Thanks to the realizations they found in this training, they all knew what these insecurities had cost them.  Thanks to the skills they teach in our training, they all knew how to combat those insecurities.  And their passion is to reach out to those who are crippled by the same insecurities.

Named in honor of Gretna’s son, Zac’s Ridge is a non-profit, 501(c)3, dedicated to helping others identify what is holding them back from what they want in their lives, walk them through processes for changing self-defeating behaviors, and providing proven tools to convert those negatives behaviors to positive life change.  Supported by graduates of the program who volunteer their time, Zac’s Ridge pays no salaries, which allows the program to be affordable to all.


Gretna Carey
Dennis Winkler

Pennie Winkler