Zac’s Ridge

Zac’s Ridge is a powerful program designed to help you make dramatic shifts in yourself and empower you to live the life you desire … all in just 2 weekend classes.

  • Do you want more out of your Life?
  • Do you feel you have only scratched the surface of your Potential?
  • How focused are you on your Dreams?
  • Do you have a Plan for achieving them?
  • Do you know what your life’s Purpose is?
  • How effectively do you Communicate?
  • Would you like to know what is holding you back?

What Zac’s Ridge IS:

It’s experience-based training that will enable you to make meaning from your direct life experiences. It is ‘learning’ that comes through reflection of everyday experiences. The training works because the focus is on the experiences that have impacted your life.

Through one-on-one interaction, small and large group participation, individuals achieve and create their own results. You get out of this training what you put into it.

What Zac’s Ridge IS NOT:

It is NOT counseling or therapy. It is not a seminar, workshop or lecture. Classes are small to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate.